Study in Germany - the best choice for you!


Here are some facts that may help in deciding for Germany: 

  1. German University education is free of charge - there are no costs in most states in Germany and very little in a few (max. €400 per half year). So by studying in Germany a student saves in comparison to other countries.

  2. German Universities have the highest worldwide standards. Continually ranked amongst the top 10 countries in the world.

  3. Graduates from German Universities are practically guaranteed a job and career in Germany - especially in the Engineering and Business areas. 

  4. Even now there is a shortage of highly qualified graduates in Germany. Companies are trying very hard to find qualified people to fill positions.

  5. German Universities are legally required to hold 10% of their student places free for foreign students. If you have the German level and the school grades required you will almost certainly get a place in the course you wish to study.