Residence Status in Germany after Graduation


After you Graduate - Permanent Residence Status in Germany

Students interested in a University Qualification from Europe must also think about their prospects after they graduate.

In most EU countries (including the UK), graduates must return to their home country soon after they are qualified. Germany is one of the very few exceptions here.

In Germany a non EU graduate can stay for another 18 months after graduating from a German University to find a job offer from a German company.

Once they have this offer (and there are many open positions in Germany) they will then have residence status and after 5 years this becomes a permanent residence status.  This opportunity exists in no other major economy in the EU.

The best pathway to EU residence status is to learn German to a high level and then graduate from a German University. Graduating from another EU country is of little help as those students will not know the German language.

German employers are naturally looking for graduates with very good German knowledge.