How to Apply - Step by Step

General minimum requirement to apply: You must successfully finish high school

Step 1: Finish high school

Step 2: Initiate your application process by contacting ISL or one of our local agencies in your country of residence.

Step 3: Send us a scan copy of your high school transcripts (10th, 11th and 12th grade) + a passport copy (if you want to apply for a Master or for a higher Bachelor semester, we also need your university marksheets and leaving certificate, where applicable). Moreover, kindly tell us what subject you would like to study in Germany.

Step 3: Wait until ISL has checked your documents. If you are eligible, we will send you an offer letter with an overview of the total costs. We will then also be able to decide whether you need to attend a Foundation Year or not (for further information about the foundation year, please have a look at the table below).

Step 4: Pay the ISL registration fee.

Step 5: Send us your documents as a hard copy via post. ISL or our local agencies will tell you what documents you need. Please note: Your educational transcripts must be officially certified copies. Your passport copy must be certified by the German Embassy or Consulate.

Step 6: ISL will forward your documents to the university of your choice and apply for the conditional admission.

Step 7: As soon as we receive the conditional admission, we will send you a scan copy via email. This scan copy is not applicable for the visa interview yet!

Step 8: Pay the remaining fees to ISL.

Step 9: ISL will book insurance and open a blocked account on behalf of the student. As soon as the blocked account is open, we will send you the opening confirmation with the IBAN and BIC numbers via email, so you can transfer EUR 8870 to your blocked account.

Step 10: Book your visa appointment, if you haven’t don’t it yet. The correct type of visa is called “student applicant visa”. Please note: In some countries, getting a visa appointment can take several weeks or even months. To avoid any unnecessary waiting times, please inform yourself about the available appointment dates at your respective embassy/consulate as early as possible. Tell us your visa appointment date, so we can start preparing you early enough.

Step 11: As soon as we received the remaining fees and the blocked account money receipt confirmation from the bank, we will conduct a visa preparation interview with you. You will get possible interview questions beforehand, so you can prepare your answers.

Step 12: Once ISL is satisfied with your answers, we will send you the visa kit with the original university admission letter, the ISL booking confirmation (German course + accommodation), the final invoice, insurance and blocked account documents.

Step 13: Pass your embassy interview and wait until they grant you the visa. As soon as you get your passport with the visa stamp back, send us your visa and your flight ticket via email, so we can arrange your airport pick-up.

Step 14: An ISL member of staff will welcome you at Frankfurt Airport and bring you to our ISL Language Centre in Koblenz.

Step 15: Start your German course at ISL!

Step 16: Start your university studies!