Career-oriented B2 and C1 courses

meeting §45a residence permit specifications

BAMF (The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) has been offering German language courses since 2016, which follow up and build on integration courses directly.  These enable immigrants and asylum applicants to reach language levels required for their career, a course of further or higher education or in preparation for the current job-market situation in Germany.

Our language school ISL has been offering B2 and C1 level courses since 2017. We look forward to assisting motivated students in their goals to better facilitate their first step into the local job-market.

Your contacts for providing permits for career-oriented courses are Jobcentres and the Federal Employment Agency.

"Who is allowed to take part?  Requirements:

  • currently unemployed people or those registered as seeking employment (in general those receiving Unemployment Benefits (Arbeitslosengeld I und II))
  • those seeking vocational training, currently in training courses or those awaiting recognition of their career and vocational training qualifications

You have a migration background and require further language qualifications in German, ie: you belong to one of the following groups:

1. Migrants (including refugees and asylum applicants) whose application for residency is being processed and who have good prospects to remain. Currently the five countries of origin which fall into this category are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Eritrea and Somalia. Migrants from safer countries of origin are not included in this list.

2. EU citizens

3. Germans of foreign descent


Those who have already successfully completed an integration course and / or already speak German at level B1, B2 or C1 according to the CEF Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are currently permitted to take part in career-oriented courses."