Integration courses (BAMF)


German integration course supported through the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMFBundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) 

Since January 1st, 2005,  there is a new German Immigration Act. According to this law, immigrants are supported by the BAMF, receiving an integration and orientation course which is fully or partially paid for. All foreigners who possess either a long term German residency permit or a valid EU passport have a right to participate in this program. Further information can be found at

General information

  1. Course duration: normally 700 hours, to B1 level. The integration course comprises 600 hours (language course in 6 modules of 100 class hours each) and a 100 hour orientation course (provides basic knowledge in the areas of German law, history, and culture)
  1. Course price – co-payment € 1.95 per hour, which means € 195.00 for 5  weeks at 20 hours a week.
  2. Course price for unemployment insurance or welfare recipients: free of charge
  3. Certification: German test for immigrants (B1 level) and certification from BAMF proving successful completion of an integration course (necessary for naturalization)
  4. Entry into a group depending on prior knowledge and classification test result possible after a 100 hour block
  5. Course times: normally Monday – Friday mornings (8:30am – 11:45am) or afternoons

Special integration courses with an automatic 1000 hours of class (9 modules plus orientation course):

  1. Women's courses (only women are in the course, with correspondingly designed content)
  1. Literacy courses (for participants unable to read and write)
  2. Youth courses (for participants up to 27 years old, a special curriculum is used)

Integration course application

We are pleased to make an application for an integration course for you. To do this, we require your passport with visa, possibly your marriage partner's identity card, proof of unemployment insurance or welfare payment (when a recipient), or an identity card for EU citizens.

Better knowledge of German increases the chances for successful integration in Germany and in the labor market, along with being the basis for a successful educational career. Further, completing an integration course is a requirement for an unlimited settlement permit, while shortening the time span for naturalization from eight to seven years.

Course type Start Mornings Afternoons Available
General integration course 20.11.2017 x    Yes
Youth integration course  13.11.2017
     x  Yes


Certificate award ceremony for integration course participants on June 14th, 2016 in the Koblenz Rathaus. The entire ISL team is proud to offer its congratulations to all participants.