How to apply for ISL Foundation Year

If you want to apply for the ISL Studienkolleg, please send us the following documents:

  • Proof of German Knowledge at the B2 Level (you can obtain this level at ISL Sprachschule). For 2016, a B1 level is sufficient.
  • CV
  • Passport Copy
  • Copy of the student’s secondary school final certificate with a stamped translation (if necessary) and a copy of the conditional letter of admission to a German University. Alternatively, a copy of a Certificate Recognition Document from a German University or the DAAD is also acceptable.
  • 2 passport photos

Places are limited at the ISL Foundation College, so students are advised to register early. Students who have studied German at ISL Sprachschule will be given places before external students.

Registration ends one week before the start of the Course.

The registration is started once the Registration formula is sent to ISL per post to the following address:  

ISL Sprachschule Studienkolleg
Rizzastraße 35
56068 Koblenz 

You can also send us the registration formula per Email as a PDF to the following email address:

If you have questions, we kindly invite you to contact us through our contact form or via email.

ISL Studienkolleg

Online Registration for the ISL Foundation Year / ISL Studienkolleg

(as indicated on passport)
(format: DD.MM.YYYY)
(include country code)

Information about your desired course of studies at a German university

( Please Add More Files your admission document from the German university.)

Information about your current place of residence

Information about your educational background

* Students with a British curriculum, please upload your results from the A levels, AS levels & O levels Students with an American curriculum, please upload your transcripts from grade 9 to 12 Students with a local curriculum, please upload your transcripts from grade 10 to 12

Current German level

Please note: To start the courses at our ISL Foundation Year, you need an official B2 German certificate. If you don’t have B2 level yet, you will be able to learn German at ISL up to B2 before the ISL Foundation Year starts.

Please note: We will make an assessment test with you to check if you really have the level indicated.

Accommodation during the German language course

Data Protection