What is Foundation Year / Studienkolleg?


German Universities have a high standard. They therefore require all students to be well qualified when they start to study there. Some foreign students, depending on the country of origin, need to spend 1 year in a preparation course (called Foundation year or "Studienkolleg") at the University before they can start their University studies properly.

In the Foundation Year, students learn a wide range of subjects.

Usually students who have already completed a University course or participated for a number of semesters in a University course in their home country will not need to do this.

There is usually an entrance exam for the Foundation Year (Studienkolleg). In addition to this students must have a B2 certificate in German.

We can help you find the right Studienkolleg for you and advise on the application process. 

ISL Sprachschule is offering its own private Foundation Year with no entrance exam! Find out more about the ISL Studienkolleg / Foundation College by clicking here!