German University preconditions for document processing


The German University Conference (a gathering of all German Universities) decided some time ago that foreign applicants need to have a minimum knowledge of German when applying for a place at German University.

As of September 2014 German Universities will only process an applicant's documents when the student provides a certificate that he/she is registered for a German course or indeed already has an A1 German level (A1 is a very basic level of German). 

There are various ways to show that a student has done this, for example: 

  1. Confirmation of registration and paid fees for a German Language course in your home country - of at least 100 hours duration

  2. Copy of an A1 Certificate (from Goethe, TELC, or other language School in your area.)

  3. In some cases the University is happy if students attach a letter confirming that they will do everything possible to reach this level before arrival.  Please note that not every University accepts this. We or your Agent can inform you in detail.


The Universities insist that potential students must have already achieved the A1 level at the time of application (i.e. the German course must be completed by then). This means that the Universities will not look at potential students' documents unless those documents are accompanied by an A1 Certificate. 

There are significant benefits to students when they have an A1 level: Firstly, it makes a very good impression at the Visa Interview at the German embassy. It shows the visa officers that a student is really interested in Germany and has already worked hard to prepare for their time in Germany. Secondly, it gives you a better idea of what you are expected to achieve and last but not least you will shorten the time of your language course in Germany.

Our advice is then to find a local course as soon as possible.