German Exams


A foreign student must show the German University that he/she is applying to that they have the German language knowledge required to study at the University. Students typically need to do one or two exams: 

1. If you need to go to the "Studienkolleg" (a preparation year before the University itself, where you are brought up to German standards in a range of subjects) you will need to pass the B2 level German test. You should be able to do this after about 30 weeks (7.5 months) at our school.

The test you will then do is from the institute TELC (The European Language Certificate). It has 4 parts (reading, writing, listening and speaking).  ISL is a licenced TELC test center and the exams take place 2 times per month at our schools.

In the year at "Studienkolleg" your German will then improve a lot more as these courses take place in German. At the end of this year you will however still need to show that your German language skills have improved to C1/Test Daf level. 

2. If you have already studied at 3rd level (spent a few years in University or indeed already passed a University course in your home country) you can go directly to university without the "Studienkolleg" year. Then you need to have the higher level of German to start at the University. This is the C1 level and the test that most students need to pass is the Test Daf exam. For this you will need to study for 36 weeks to reach the C1 Level and another 6 weeks to prepare for the TestDaf exam. We are also a licenced Test Daf Center.

As of March 2017, the TELC C1 Hochschule Exam will also be accepted by all German universities for university entrance. ISL Sprachschule will be offering this course as well.


Here, you will find an overview of all the course starting dates for the super-intensive courses 2017/18:

  • Course starting dates A1-C1 for 2017/2018