Course Description


The German classes that we offer take place 5 days per week (Monday - Friday) for 6 teaching hours (of 45 minutes each) per day (30 teaching hours per week). In addition students need to study at home for a further 2-3 hours per day. Only then can you learn the language at the speed required.

Students usually need a B2 level (see ALTE) or a C1 level of German depending on which University course they wish to enter.

The B2 Level takes 7.5 months to reach.  The C1 level requires a further 6 weeks on average - depending on the student's ability.

We start new groups every 6 weeks. The next course starting dates are:

* 02.05.2017

* 12.06.2017

* 24.07.2017

* 04.09.2017

* 16.10.2017

* 27.11.2017

The classes are limited to 12 people so please book early to reserve your place in a Group.

At any time we have over 500 foreign students at our schools learning German. We are approved by the German Government (BAMF) and guarantee a high quality of classes. We do not only teach the language, but we also educate students about life in Germany and its culture.